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Sandra Christian, Owner/Account Manager

Meet Sandra Christian, SkyLine Canopies owner + solo entrepreneur extraordinaire!

Originally from Sweden and one of three siblings, Sandra grew up on her family's farm where she learned teamwork and cooperation at a young age.

"If things needed to be done, we got it done before dinner and we did it together as family!"

Sandra's upbringing created a strong foundation to thrive in academics and athletics. She enjoyed soccer, hockey and horseback riding in her youth, and her desire to lead and help others pointed her in the direction of teaching.

After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Swedish and Math, Sandra was poised to begin a career in education. But a struggling economy and lack of demand for teachers in Sweden created the perfect opportunity to see the silver lining. She accepted an Au Pair/Nanny position with a Boston family and had a wonderful experience.

Afterward, Sandra intended to return to Sweden and resume her teaching career, but fate — and love — intervened. She followed her heart and her military man to Texas, and they tied the knot in 2012. She excelled in the world of retail for a few years, but as much as she loved the fast pace, the high demands of retail management left her little time for family.

Sandra began exploring other careers that would allow her to work anywhere from her laptop. Through their participation in a local running club and her husband's recruiting position, they found themselves consistently promoting other local brands/organizations and recognized the connection in needing promotional materials and displays. SkyLine Canopies LLC was born from Sandra's frustration with the lack of high-quality affordable products and her desire to serve her community.

SkyLine Canopies is focused on great service, a transparent process and educating customers on the best approach for their specific situation. Sandra is a master multitasker with experience in various positions and industries. She is the quintessential 'floater' and can provide feedback and advice on all aspects of your event or promotion.

SkyLine Canopies | Sandra Christian

Fun Facts about Sandra

- Sandra's family farm is in Brandstorp, Sweden. Population: 250.

- Sandra isn't the only entrepreneur of the family! Her grandparents were farmers, her father owns an excavating business, her mother is a horse breeder, her sister owns a couple hair salons, and her brother is an electrical apprentice. Following in their footsteps is Sandra's 5 1/2-year-old niece, Moa!

- Sandra inherited her love of animals from her mother. Their first family dog was a German Shepherd named Tina and her first pony was named Cherie — French for "Love."

- Sandra and her husband, Sean, are the proud parents of a Red Heeler-Dingo mix named Sadie Mae.

- When Sandra sets her mind to something, she gives it 100%! As a 20-year old she completed a 320km cycle race (Vättern Rundan) over 18.5 hours together with her sister — a proud moment indeed! She completed a sprint triathlon (June 2016) and finished the Keys 100 as part of a six-person relay team (May 2017), her most challenging competition to date! For fun, she ran a combined 100 miles in August 2018!

- Italy is the next destination on Sandra's bucket list!

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Sandra Christian & SkyLine Canopies
Member of the Following Organizations - Certified Small Business, Women-Owned Enterprise| Sandra Christian - Certified Small Business, Women-Owned Enterprise
HBA - Hispanic Business Alliance - Nominated to rising star of NBTX 2018
HBA - Hispanic Business Alliance - Nominated to rising star of NBTX 2018 | Sandra Christian
New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce| Sandra Christian
New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce
New Braunfels Jaycees| Sandra Christian
New Braunfels Jaycees
Rising Stars nominated | Sandra Christian
Rising Stars nominated

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