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Recruiting and Event Displays for Military

When branches of the U.S. Armed Forces attend an event, their presence is meant to inspire, impress and demonstrate immaculate attention to detail. From armed service branch recruitment to U.S. Armed Forces sporting events and other special gatherings, SkyLine Canopies provides the high-caliber level of service and products that your branch deserves. You can trust our experience to deliver quality event displays for the armed forces.

Exceptional Quality and Customer Service

SkyLine Canopies wants to first thank all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces — Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy — for their service to our country. Your dedication to service is an example of excellence and one that should be upheld with every interaction.

When you choose a custom event display for the Armed Forces from SkyLine Canopies, you will receive a product made from high quality and durable materials, designed to be long-lasting and stand up to the rigor of frequent use. We’ll work with your brand and marketing team throughout our design and proofing process to ensure you approve of all artwork before printing.

Custom Displays for Military Events and Recruitment

SkyLine Canopies has trusted experience working with military and city/government entities. We understand the branding values required to maintain a cohesive look across all event displays for military recruiting events, as well as uniform representation for military service leaders — men and women, recruits, and community audiences. If your goal is to stand out while maintaining a professional look at large events, it’s time to create a high-quality custom display.

Components of Successful
Military Event Displays


Advertisement flags are essential for any indoor or outdoor display. They draw attention from a distance and also help potential recruits find your booth when they are ready to learn more. With heights from six to 17 feet and six shapes to choose from, there is a flag to suit the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force or any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Backdrops give you instant real estate to showcase either your logo, your messaging or to start conversation with recruits. All of our frames offer the option of interchangeable graphics. With one frame, you can design eye-catching custom displays for military events, high school post secondary fairs, military open houses, recruitment expos and more.

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Table Cover

No one likes to visit an information table when the tablecloth is flapping in the wind, wrapping around their legs. And you have better things to do than constantly rearrange loose fabric and reposition your military event display and handouts. That is why a stretch table cover is ideal — no loose ends, just a clean and professional look.

Custom Protective Face Masks

Show your potential recruits the military cares for their well-being right from the start by wearing a custom face mask at high-traffic events. At a reasonable price point, you may even consider giving them away as promo materials.

Military Sports Event Display Ideas

Is your Armed Forces branch making an appearance on the college football field or are you showing your support for the little league? We have fun ways to increase your visibility supporting from the sidelines or participating on the field.

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Large Flag

Make an entrance while waving your unit’s crest on a large hand flag. You will be seen from across the stadium! Flags are available starting at 3’x5′ or larger custom sizes, single or double-sided with grommet holes.

event displays for military | custom displays for military events | military event displays | event displays for the armed forces


Based in Texas, SkyLine Canopies understands the importance of UV resistant and waterproof products to withstand the elements. Our largest canopy is 10’X20’, so you can even invite the team underneath! Fully customizable with graphics, colors and wall options, your branch will stand out at any event.

event displays for military | custom displays for military events | military event displays | event displays for the armed forces

Run Through Sports Banner

Who hasn’t wanted to run through a sports banner onto the field? This fun and custom banner is perfect for welcoming home troops, marching onto the diamond or letting the kids jump through at a special event. With this 9’X12’ reusable banner, you will draw the attention you want.

Event Displays for the Armed Forces

We know how important it is to have long-lasting Armed Forces and military event displays that keep your branch looking professional at all times. Contact us today with questions or start designing the perfect display for your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!