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Event Displays for Real Estate Professionals

Branding yourself as an industry expert in your area is imperative, especially in the real estate profession. Make your properties stand out at your next open house or real estate event by employing custom-designed and branded event displays from SkyLine Canopies.


When you’re hosting an open house or manning a booth at the next real estate professional event, it is essential to maximize visibility of your properties and brand above other properties and Realtors. Create a custom-designed event display, including advertising flags, door covers and banners to attract attention and draw a crowd. Attract attention with flags displaying prominent property features like “Waterfront,” “Water View,” “Pool” and much more!

Brand Awareness = Increased Sales

There is no limit to business branding! Incorporate unique designs or special brand colors to be distinctive and get noticed. Use both for extra flare! An event display from SkyLine Canopies will increase the level of your marketing efforts and elevate your presence at an open house or real estate event.

The Process, Simplified

The SkyLine Canopies design process makes it simple and easy for busy professionals. We proudly partner with emerging leaders in the real estate industry. Our dedicated and talented designers will walk you through each step and help you create a one-of-a-kind display for your next real estate open house.

Quality event displays from SkyLine Canopies could mean the difference between selling 20 homes and selling 200 homes this year. SkyLine Canopies offers branded advertising flags, banners, event displays and numerous other custom-designed products that create exceptional brand recognition and an open invitation for new and seasoned property buyers and sellers. Don’t delay in up-leveling your brand awareness! Contact SkyLine Canopies today!


Thoughtful branding is not only important to differentiate your real estate business from the competition, it is also crucial for success at real estate marketing conferences and events.

If you are still not convinced that real estate marketing is essential to your success, take a look at these compelling statistics:

When asked by the National Association of Realtors, prospective homeowners most often said the most important trait they look for in an agent is a professional reputation. And how does one start earning that professional reputation? By being consistent with their branding and image at each and every opportunity.

Are you ready to increase your professional reputation? Use our no-obligation Request a Quote form to start discussing your custom designs with our talented design team today!


Don’t let another real estate agent outsell your listing! Attract passers-by to your open houses with various custom-designed marketing products. Stand out for the right reasons! Take a look through our online catalog or use the chat option below, and let us help you decide the best option for your business.

Whether it’s an ad flag, door cover, banner or specialty event display, we’ve got you covered! Set the right tone and image for your company today!


Choosing the best custom-designed event displays to accentuate your brand is essential to attract visitors to your next open house or real estate event. Not sure where to start? We can help! Begin the discussion with our talented designers today and get a free quote!

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