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Custom Displays for Graphic Designers

Have you considered using SkyLine Canopies as your design and production resource for custom displays for graphic designers? As a designer, it’s essential that your work is printed accurately to ensure your designs pop and your business is well-represented. With Pantone color-matching and high-quality materials, SkyLine Canopies is confident your graphic displays will Stand Out the way you intended. And by offering display products for resale, your clients will enjoy a complete design and product package. Let’s talk about resale displays for designers.

Graphic Design Displays to Showcase Your Skill

You live and dream about color, shape and design. But your clients come to you because they don’t know how to put all their ideas together visually. They have ideas and gut feelings to go on, but it can be hard to imagine what they want, convey their ideas or picture what the end product will look like. Showcasing and offering custom displays to your graphic design clients can help bridge that gap.

By utilizing custom displays from SkyLine Canopies, you can show off your talents while also building confidence with your clients that your work translates to on- and off-screen products. You want your displays to be colorful and look professional. That’s why our products are all manufactured with high-quality materials and printed to your specifications. Most of our products are also portable and can be interchangeable for various event types or client presentations.

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High-Quality Materials

We only work with high-quality fabrics and frames that are meant to withstand time and the elements. SkyLine Canopies uses dye-sublimation printing on all our products, producing Pantone-true colors that last and represent your designs exactly as you (and your client) imagine them. Note: screen vs print colors can slightly vary depending on your screen settings. We encourage designers to provide the Pantone code (Coated), we will match it in our print system.

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When you bring your business to a tradeshow or are taking graphic display samples to a client, you have more important things on your mind than struggling with your setup. Our impressive selection of backdrops is made with lightweight aluminum frames that are easy to assemble and make a huge visual impact.

SkyLine Canopies also offers many smaller options like flags and fitted table covers that can discreetly slip into your computer bag, or advertisement flags that are light and easy to carry. When you aren’t using them for outside sales, set up a custom graphic display in your own office.

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Interchangeable Graphics

Once you own a frame from SkyLine Canopies, you can use and reuse it by ordering new fabric covers/banners. This method is more cost effective than individual displays, and you can create graphic design displays targeted to specific audiences and occasions, all of which are simple to change out and roll up compactly for storage.

Offer More with Graphic Designer Resale Displays

Your job as a graphic designer is to take your clients’ dreams and turn them into visuals. But what happens once they have your design in hand? They take it to another company to be turned into marketing materials and display products they envisioned from the start. By offering display products yourself, you can easily add another (simple) income stream to your business.

5 Benefits of Resale Displays for Designers

1. Your clients will love the one-stop-shop for their graphic design and custom display products. They get to deal with just one company instead of two, while you increase your profit.

2. When clients come to us, they have to pay design set-up fees if a vector file is not provided. As a graphic designer, you will have your clients’ vector files ready to go, which means there are no design set-up fees.

3. Implementing or expanding your product offerings doesn’t require you to hold an inventory. And all our products templates are available online 24/7/365.

4. Your designs will be featured throughout the town, potentially bringing you even more business!
5. There is very little effort required to get the products made on your part, since we work with a simple five-step production process. And since you already have the design work ready, it is only four steps: Choose your product, approve the proofs, make payment, then we print and ship — to you or directly to your client!

Graphic Designer Resale Display Ideas

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few products that are popular with our graphic design clients:


Banners are a snap to put up, take down and take with you. We love them for their height, so your work and your client’s message can be seen from across the room.

Advertisement Flags

These fun flappy flags come in a variety of sizes, from nine to 16 feet tall. They are great for drawing attention on the sports field or to business exteriors. Plus they will make you smile when you see them!

Face Masks

Show your clients they are important to you, and bring a custom face mask to your appointments. With nine options to choose from and your imagination to design them, they are sure to make an impact.

Are you ready to make more money and deliver a complete design process to your clients? Let’s talk about custom displays for graphic designers to help you showcase your design business and how offering display products for resale could work for you.