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Custom Printed Flags
Custom Advertisement Flag

SkyLine Canopies® creates superior advertisement flags that are ideal for indoor and outdoor events! Promotional custom ad flags attract attention on busy streets, in crowded markets and at bustling trade shows. No matter what the event, our easy-to-assemble custom advertisement flag is a must if you’re looking to maximize your reach!

We always encourage our clients to include the following in their design so it can be clearly seen from all angles, from afar and up close, if someone took a photo and shared it online/offline:

  • Large logo(s) for brand awareness, peaks and valances
  • Contact information, where you prefer to funnel the crowd to connect with the business/brand
  • Follow brand guidelines, colors, fonts, slogan and other
Custom Advertisement Flag

Fluorescent fabric now available!


Custom Advertisement Flag

Convex | Concave | Straight | Angled

Custom Printed Flags

Real Estate Ad Flag

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Restaurant Ad Flag

Handle & Care

How to keep your custom advertisement flags looking new
SkyLine Canopies
Cold/warm wash,
NO concentrated detergent
Detergent could effect and fade the print on your flag.
Dish soap is a better option.
TX Custom Printed Flags Care
Hang to dry
Do not use dryer or high heat.
When in doubt, air dry in a well ventilated area.
Austin Promotional Flags
Be mindful
of loose strings
Loose strings can pull or run in washer.

custom advertisement Flags 
packages include:

  • Custom Printed Flag Fabric (100% Polyester; single or double-sided)

  • Aluminum/Fiberglass Custom Ad Flag Pole

  • 360-Spin IRON Ground Stake (ATTN: image shows iron cross base)
  • Carry/storage bag
  • Double-sided includes a blackout layer (100D polyester)
  • Custom advertisement flags printing process: Dye Sublimation
Custom Advertisement Flag Carry Bag
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SkyLine Canopies
SkyLine Canopies

Available Accessories

For your custom advertisement flags

SkyLine Canopies
Custom Printed Flags
Custom Advertisement Flag
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Custom Advertisement Flag

The best part of working
with SkyLine Canopies®

Free Shipping & Handling
within the USA
Full Color Print
on all productions
Free Design Setup
with vector files (.ai or .eps)
Free Product Templates
available to download or by request
1-2 Week Turnaround
estimated from approved design proof and paid-in-full invoice
Design Partners
our talented design partners can help bring your vision to life

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We offer unique products for every business. Decide what best fits your vision, and we will bring it to life! Download our product catalog & request a quote for your custom advertisement flag today!