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A cleverly designed custom printed backdrop is a conversation starter to help you gain traction during any trade show or event. Instantly create real estate to showcase your brand in an attractive way. Your message deserves attention!

Custom Backdrop

Custom Printed Backdrop Sizes:

BEST SELLER: Tension Fabric Wall

8ft | 10ft | 20ft
Straight | Curved | S-Shaped – Single Sided | Double Sided

250g Soft Knit Polyester – Digital Print
Straight – 8ft/94.49”x 89.76”, 10ft/112.60”x 89.76”, 20ft/233.07”x 89.76”
Curved – 8ft/98.82”x 89.76”, 10ft/123.62”x 89.76”, 20ft/242.13”x 89.76”
S-shaped – 8ft/101.57”x 89.76”, 10ft/127.17”x 89.76”, 20ft/254.33”x 89.76”

Fabric Stand
10ft | 20ft – U-Shaped | C-Shaped
250g Soft Knit Polyester – Digital Print
U shape Fabric stand – 10ft/120.46”x 91.73”, 20ft/240.16”x 91.73”
C shape Fabric stand – 10ft/129.92”x 91.73”, 20ft/261.42”x 91.73”
Cibolo Custom Backdrop

Frame Options: Black | Silver
300D Polyester – Digital Print
Black frame – (S)39.37”x 49.21”, (M)59.06”x 64.96”, (L)86.61”x 90.55”
Silver frame – (S)59.06”x 78.74”, (M)90.55”x 94.49”, (L)90.55”x 118.11”

Pop-Up Banner
1×3 | 2×3 | 3×3 | 4×3
1×3 – 57.09”x 88.98”
2×3 – 85.83”x 88.98”
3×3 – 115.75” x88.98”
3×4 – 142.91”x 88.98”
Collage Variations
Spring Branch Custom Backdrop

Collage Variations
1×3 – 27.17”x27.17”x 3pcs
2×2 – 27.17”x27.17”x 4pcs
2×3 – 27.17”x27.17”x 6pcs + 38.42”38.42”
3×3 – 27.17”x27.17”x 5pcs + 38.42”x38.42” + 54.33”x54.33”
X-SHAPE – 27.17”x27.17”x 5pcs
DOUBLE X-SHAPE – 27.17”x27.17”x 8pcs
S TRIANGLE – 27.17”x27.17”x 3pcs
M TRIANGLE – 27.17”x27.17”x 2pcs + 38.42”x38.42” + 54.33”x54.33”
L TRIANGLE – 27.17”x27.17”x 6pcs + 54.33”x54.33”

Austin Custom Backdrop

Handle & Care

How to keep your Custom Printed Backdrop Looking New
Cold/warm wash,
NO concentrated detergent
Detergent could effect and fade the print.
Hang to dry
Do not use dryer or high heat.
Iron with low heat
Iron with low heat on the unprinted surface.
Be mindful
of loose strings
Loose strings can pull or run in washer.

Custom Printed Backdrops
Our Packages:

Tension wall and Fabric Stand packages include:

  • Easy-to-assemble Aluminum tube frame
  • Custom printed (single or double-sided) tension fabric cover
  • Carry/storage bag

Telescopic backdrops include:

  • A sturdy frame with weighted feet
  • Custom printed single-sided textile banner
  • Carry/storage bag

Pop-Up Banners & Collage Variations include:

  • Easy-to-assemble Aluminum frame
  • Custom printed textile
  • Carry/storage bag

The best part of working
with SkyLine Canopies®

Free Shipping & Handling
within the USA
Full Color Print
on all productions
Free Design Setup
with vector files (.ai or .eps)
Free Product Templates
available to download or by request
1-2 Week Turnaround
estimated from approved design proof and paid-in-full invoice
Design Partners
our talented design partners can help bring your vision to life

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