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Custom Canopies in Texas

and throughout the U.S.

Be seen and remembered at community vendor events! Custom canopies in Texas and throughout the country increase brand awareness and magnify your presence.

Canopy Resources

Use custom graphics to achieve a professional and approachable look that will help you create opportunities to share your product or service. You’ll never go unnoticed with a canopy display setup. Click below for assembly instructions and design templates.

We always encourage our clients to include the following in their design so it can be clearly seen from all angles, from afar and up close, if someone took a photo and shared it online/offline:

  • Large logo(s) for brand awareness, peaks and valances
  • Contact information, where you prefer to funnel the crowd to connect with the business/brand
  • Follow brand guidelines, colors, fonts, slogan and other
SkyLine Canopies

Custom Canopy Sizes:

STANDARD – 40mm Hexagon legged Aluminum frame
  • Side Leg (mm) — 40×40×1.2
  • Socle (mm) — 35×35×1.2
  • Cross Tube(mm) — 13×25×1.0
DELUXE – 50mm Hexagon legged Aluminum frame
  • Side Leg (mm) — 50×50×2
  • Socle (mm) — 45×45×2
  • Cross Tube(mm) — 15×32×1.5
  • Both frames are commercial grade and spare parts available for purchase
  • 40mm has plastic connecters vs 50mm with metal connecting parts
  • Weight – 10’x10′(40mm) 19.5kg vs 10’x10′(50mm) 30kg
  • Both complete setup packages include a Custom canopy top(FULL-COLOR PRINT) material: 600D polyester canvas, PU-coated(Waterproof, UV resistant & Fire retardant), Easy to set up Aluminum Hexagon legged-Frame, Deluxe Wheeled carry bag, ropes, and stakes.
  • Walls and sandbags are additional accessories.
BEST SELLER: 10′ x 10′

The fluorescent fabric is now available!

PVC Half Wall

The benefit of clear sidewalls is sheltered from the elements while still retaining peak visibility. Made from transparent PVC film, this half wall can not only show clearly the interior of your tent but can also set up a protective screen between you and your clients when a close encounter is unavoidable in an event. And it is also a good way to help keep rain and water out.

Each half wall is sewn with Velcro, so it can be easily attached to your tent frame(40mm or 50mm).

Size: 298*108cm (suitable for standard 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 tent)
Material: PVC and aluminum bar+plastic attachments
Packaging: Individually wrapped
Layer: Single

SkyLine Canopies PVC Half Wall
SkyLine Canopies PVC Half Wall

Restaurant Pickup Canopy

Pet Hospital Canopy

Brewery To Go Canopy

We want your audience to say

“I Remember You”

SkyLine Canopies

TX Custom Canopy Packages Include:

  • Hexagon-legged frame (aluminum)
  • Printed canopy top (600D polyester canvas, PU-coated)
  • Wheeled carry/storage bag
  • Ropes & stakes
  • Printing process: dye sublimation

Accessories For Custom Canopies in Texas:

  • 10’, 15’, 20’ Full wall (single sided or double sided, 600D polyester canvas, PU-coated)
  • 10’ Half wall including aluminum bar+2pcs leg attachments (single or double sided, 600D polyester canvas, PU-coated)
  • 6ft Advertising Flags with 1pc leg attachment
  • Canopy weights (sandbags or metal plates)


IMPORTANT: It is important to secure/anchor your custom canopy setup based on location and weather conditions. Best practice is not to leave your setup unattended. An unattended or under-secured canopy can be a safety risk to others in windy or other hazardous weather conditions. Please follow the recommendations included with the instructions for your custom canopy in Texas.

Custom Canopies in Texas


We offer numerous accessories for your custom canopy in Texas and the U.S. Fill out the free Request A Quote form and ask about our accessories.

Cibolo Canopy
Hex 40mm tent frame
Seguin Trade Show Canopies
Hex 50mm luxury tent frame
Ropes & Stakes
Ropes & Stakes
Rail pole with holder
Rail pole with holder
Mini Flag holder
Mini Flag holder
TX Custom Canopy Sandbag
New Braunfels Custom Canopy Carry Bag
Carry Bag
Skyline Canopy labels
Skyline Canopy labels

Custom Canopy Handle & Care

How to keep your TX custom canopy looking new
New Braunfels Custom Canopy Care
Use mild detergent
& soft brush
Avoid scrubbing.
San Antonio Custom Canopy Care
Never use bleach
Bleach will cause discoloration.
Seguin Custom Canopy Care
Never dry clean
or machine wash
Canyon Lake Custom Canopy Care
Rinse with
garden hose
Remove all soap from top & bottom.
Cibolo Custom Canopy Care
Stretch out canopy
To dry more quickly & efficiently.
Austin Custom Canopy Care
Dry completely before folding
Prevent mold, mildew & staining.
Spring Branch Custom Canopy Care
Follow included instructions
Always follow instructions for setup, breakdown & storage.
Spring Branch Canopy Care
Clean your sidewalls
Follow the same instructions.

Custom Canopies in Texas

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Free Shipping & Handling
within the USA
Full Color Print
on all productions
Free Design Setup
with vector files (.ai or .eps)
Free Product Templates
available to download or by request
1-2 Week Turnaround
estimated from approved design proof and paid-in-full invoice
Design Partners
our talented design partners can help bring your vision to life

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