Restaurant Banners & Flags | Custom Event Displays for Restaurants

Custom Restaurant Banners & Displays

The restaurant business can be a tough one to master, which is why you need to #BeBoldStandOut and create as much brand recognition as possible. It’s SkyLine Canopies’ mission to help you do just that. We work within your marketing budget to create event displays for restaurants, advertising flags, custom restaurant banners and more to create a visual impact your customers won’t be able to resist.

The Best Event Displays for Restaurants

Restaurants have a lot of information they need to convey to entice customers to come in, such as hours, type of cuisine, entertainment, etc. And once the diners have stepped inside, there is a whole new batch of information to share. By working with SkyLine Canopies, your brand and information will stay consistent — no matter where your displays are located. Plus, since we work closely with each of our clients, our event displays for restaurants reflect the look and feel of your establishment.

Top 5 Custom Display Choices for Restaurants:

restaurant banners | event displays for restaurants

Restaurant Banners

Tall restaurant banners make a great indoor visual and draw attention outdoors from a distance if you are running a special or sponsoring an event. The Straight Fabric Banner is a great choice for high-traffic areas, as it has a heavy-duty base and slim profile. We also love these custom banners for restaurants for the ease of changing out the graphic fabric panel.

Use Restaurant Banners for:

  • Directional signage, like where to grab to-go orders
  • Happy hour or day of the week specials
  • Exciting announcements, like sponsorships, charity involvement or awards
restaurant flags | event displays for restaurants

Advertising Flags

Restaurant flags are available in several shapes and range in size up to 17-feet high, so you can be sure to find a style that suits your restaurant. We offer single or double-sided printing for our flags, and our double-sided includes a “blackout” layer in between, so your message is sure to be seen clearly from any angle.

Use Restaurant Flags for:

  • Drawing attention from the street
  • Announcing something new, like hours, specials or an opening
  • Going on location, when you sponsor or attend a local event
restaurant banners | event displays for restaurants


Our canopies are designed to be UV resistant and waterproof — perfect for Texas weather or any warm, wet or windy climate! We recommend these to any restaurant that needs added patio covering, like over a barbeque or an extended seating area, or to restaurants that do a lot of off-site events. Like all of our products, your custom restaurant canopy comes in a variety of sizes and with or without walls. SkyLine Canopies is here to meet your specific needs.

Use Canopies For:

  • Patio or service areas
  • Special events, sponsorships and charity appearances
  • Outdoor waiting areas
custom banners for restaurants

Wall Flags

Wall flags attach easily to the outside of your restaurant, giving you quick access to changing the flags as often as you please. Since all of our materials are weather resistant, you don’t need to worry about high-maintenance upkeep.

Custom Protective Gear

Physical distancing and preventing the spread of germs is top of mind right now, especially when it comes to hospitality and food service. We now offer a variety of custom protective gear, designed specifically in your brand and colors. Color-coordinate your whole crew, from front-of-house to prep-cook.

Choose from:

  • Face masks
  • Face covers
  • Aprons
  • Sleeves

3 Reasons Why Restaurants Work with SkyLine Canopies

1. Quality Materials.

Our products are meant to withstand the elements when care instructions are followed, so you should not have to replace your outdoor flags frequently. We believe in quality materials and offer a limited lifetime warranty on all SkyLine Canopies products.

2. Easy to Change Graphics.

Once you purchase your first restaurant banner, flag, canopy or backdrop, you own the frame! That means when you are ready to change your messaging, you’ll just need to order a new fabric panel. Easy peasy.

3. Simple Design Process.

At SkyLine Canopies, we work with talented designers to create custom banners for restaurants, flags and other high-impact visuals to increase brand awareness and attract customers. Our step-by-step process is meant to make things as simple as possible.

If you are ready to take your restaurant’s branding and marketing to the next eye-catching level, the first step is to get in touch, or request a quote today. We can’t wait to help you make your vision a reality with our event displays for restaurants.